Akatsuki Enzyme



Akatsuki Enzyme has been around for more than 80 years in Japan. It is made up of 36 types of vegetables, fruits, grains, sea-weeds and grass constituted the raw ingredients. Apart from the addition of natural yeast, pure plum juice, there are no preservatives and artificial additives.



The main efficacies of Akatsuki Koso Botanical Enzyme are:

  • Purification of Blood & Detoxification

  • Normalization and activation of fundamental metabolis

  • Normalization of bacteria inside the intestine

  • Normalization of hormone balance & Supply of trace nutrient

  • Strengthening of natural recover and vitality


Akatsuki Koso Botanical Enzyme helps to improve the following conditions:

  • Gastroenteritis (digestive) disorder & liver disease

  • Hypertension & Hypo-tension (high & low blood pressure)

  • Neuralgia (headache, muscle stiffness, back & neck-ache)

  • Constipation (poor bowel movement – too much oily & spicy food)

  • Irregular menstruation (stomach cramp); Cold; Asthma; Burn

  • Pigmentation problems and poor skin complexion & premature aging

  • Dry & sore throat (smoker) & thick head (alcoholic intoxication, hangover); Overweight; Bedsore & Athlete’s foot


Directions of Use

Consume 40ml enzyme mix with normal drinking water temperature with empty stomach every day morning.



The above direction of use is generally applicable to most of us unless you have specific sickness, pregnant, allergy and etc. Please seek our advice before consume.