Only vegetables and fruits in season are used

The enzyme is most active in vegetables and fruits which are in season. Therefore, more than 36 kinds of raw vegetal ingredients in season, including vegetables, fruits, algae, green grass, and grains go into Enzyme.


As only raw ingredients in season are used, there is a slight difference in the ingredients for each season, to ensure that only those with the most active properties are used for Enzyme.

Natural alpine microzyme is added during fermentation

The natural microzyme is extracted and cultivated with special technology, and then added to the raw ingredients. As such, the temperature-resistance is higher than that of ordinary enzyme.

The choice of raw ingredients is based on the balance of yin and yang

The property of the raw ingredients can be generally classified into yin and yang.

Imbalance of yin and yang may lead to counter-effects, depending on the body constitution of the users. Enzyme is specially prepared according to the property of the raw ingredients, so that the enzyme is mild in properties, perfect for people of any constitution and age.

Extraction of the raw vegetal liquid

In order to preserve all the nutrients and prevent them from being destroyed, extraction method based on the theory of osmotic pressure is adopted. Liquid is extracted slowly in an almost natural state. Fermentation takes place in casks made of cedar of more than 50 years old. Containers with chemicals are never used for fear of harmful substance dissolved into the enzyme.


Maturation fermentation

For the maximum efficacy of the enzyme, fermentation is a natural process based on the temperature of the four seasons; no artificial fermentation is adopted to speed up the fermentation.


Perfect taste

Natural fermentation and choice raw ingredients contribute to the pleasant taste of Enzyme. Even those who do not like vegetable and the picky eaters will find Enzyme palatable.

Clean and bacterial free manufacturing environment

The manufacturing plant is surrounded by farmland. The air is fresh, and there is no environmental pollution.