Basic Facts about Akatsuki Koso Botanical Enzyme Health Drink

ENZYMES are protein molecules that catalyze chemical reactions of other substances without themselves being destroyed or altered upon completion of the reactions. They are found in all living cells and are essential to lives. They digest food and convert them into food energy and essential nutrients for the vital functioning of metabolism and total well being.

Enzyme is also derived from the healthy food we eat but isn’t nutriment itself. However, it transforms useful agents to manufacture all the molecular components of the body and eliminates the harmful substances from the body by the processes of synthesizing, decomposing and cleansing.

Fundamentally, the chemical reaction takes place at the cellular level called metabolism. Metabolism is necessary for growth, maintenance of life and the performance of biological functions. Enzymes are involved in all metabolic activities, if the enzymes in our body are not functioning properly, the entire body metabolism is disrupted. If we eat poor and unbalanced meals, the body cannot produce enough enzymes so vital to the human body, and if there are not enough enzymes being produced, our body will feel weak and lethargic -therefore, your yin and yang is not in balance. Hence, enzymes are an essential part of all living things, just like hormones and genes are.

Taking Akatsuki Koso Botanical Enzyme supplements your natural enzyme deficiency, enhances your all round vitality and improves your “Chi” so that you do not feel sick and tired easily. Akatsuki Koso which contains enzymes from carefully selected quality vegetal plants, fruits, herbs, and yeast, works to maintain the correct nutritional balance and therefore helps your body metabolism and improves good health – Please take it for daily health maintenance.

The main efficacies of Akatsuki Koso Botanical Enzyme are:

  • Purification of Blood & Detoxification

  • Normalization and activation of fundamental metabolis

  • Normalization of bacteria inside the intestine

  • Normalization of hormone balance & Supply of trace nutrient

  • Strengthening of natural recover and vitality

Akatsuki Koso Botanical Enzyme helps to improve the following conditions:

  • Gastroenteritis (digestive) disorder & liver disease

  • Hypertension & Hypo-tension (high & low blood pressure)

  • Neuralgia (headache, muscle stiffness, back & neck-ache)

  • Constipation (poor bowel movement – too much oily & spicy food)

  • Irregular menstruation (stomach cramp); Cold; Asthma; Burn

  • Pigmentation problems and poor skin complexion & premature aging

  • Dry & sore throat (smoker) & thick head (alcoholic intoxication, hangover); Overweight; Bedsore & Athlete’s foot.