What is Enzyme?

Enzyme is substance derived from the protein. It has positive catalysis effect on various bodily chemical reactions. There are more than few thousand enzymes in our body. The enzyme cannot be seen with our eyes and its diameter is only 1/100,000,000 of a millimeter and is only visible via electronic microscope. The enzymes exist almost in all the tissues and organs as well as all the 6 trillion cells in the brain, eyes, various organs, blood vessels, bones and skin.


How important is enzyme?

Enzymes are utilized when sperm is mingled with the ovary. Activities after childbirth such as breathing, blood circulation, endocrine system, immune system, detoxification, muscle activities, thinking and even observing with eyes require the enzymes so as to have proper functioning. At the same time, enzymes also help in digestion, food absorption and enable the gist of nutrients to be converted into muscles, blood and life force. At the same time, enzymes also help to detoxify and eliminate old cells and replenish our body with new cells as well as promoting metabolism. So we say that the enzymes are important substances for maintaining life, promoting better health and revive vitality.


When will wastage of enzymes occur?

In a normal circumstance, our body can store the enzymes naturally. With ageing process, the enzymes that are accumulated will gradually diminish. When we are young, the enzymes are abundant and we are active. However, when we are old, the enzymes stored will diminish and we tend to get sick easily especially suffer from fever, injury, inflammation and chronic diseases.

Factors such as under medication, drinking liquor, smoking, bias eating, consuming too much cooked food, meat and tasty food will damage the enzymes too. In addition to that, herbicides, chemical additives, polluted air, lack of sleep, improper faeces excrement, anxiety, tension, working under high pressure or fatigue will also speed up the damage to the bodily enzymes. Lack of enzymes will promote ageing and sickness. That is why it is important to replenish enzymes in our body.


How do we make enzyme a ‘partner’ of our life?

If we want to live longer, healthier and more vigorous, we must have proper lifestyle and avoid any loss of enzymes in our body. Apart from that, we also must need on the increasing intake of enzymes so that more enzymes will be stored in our body and we are certain to have better health. Below are some points to heed on:

  • Take less cooked food or meat to reduce enzyme wastage.

  • Eat more fresh vegetables so that our body will store more enzymes.

  • As enzymes, vitamins and minerals have nourishing effects in our body, regular intake of royal jelly (that is rich in vitamins and minerals) is beneficial to our body.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are added with plant enzymes. The mixtures are very useful for promoting health.

  • For those who are currently taking Chinese or Western medicines, take the medicines together with plant enzymes to create synergistic effects.

  • The efficacies will be much better if the plant enzymes are taken orally (in the form of unctuous, liquid or powder form).

  • It is better if the plant enzymes are consumed with supervision form nutritionist so as to have dietary control of food supplement.