Nuka Ceramic Ball Spray(Small/Big)

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Through the infrared rays produced by the collision and friction among balls in the water, NUKA Ceramic Balls awakens water of its self-purifying ability and results in the ionization of water producing electrolytic oxygen and hydroxide ions, so-called “ACTIVATION OF WATER”. In other word, NUKA Veggie Ball makes the water molecule cluster much smaller and restores the water to excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability. Relieves and soothe skin is affected by inflammation, redness and irritation; it effectively moisturizes, smoothens and softens the skin.



  1. To reduce wrinkles

  2. To reduce pimples

  3. To reduce itchiness

  4. Moisturizes & refreshes

  5. Use no chemical when cleaning various surfaces


Directions of Use

  1. Spray the mist onto the face for 2-3 times with a distance of about 20cm from the face

  2. It is applicable to the hands and body too

  3. Just refill bottle with drinking water

  4. NUKA Ceramic Balls soften the water and make it fresh for comfortable usage

  5. The effect of the NUKA Ceramic Balls will last for a life-time

  6. Washing of ceramic balls is not needed



  • Keep out of the reach of children even though NUKA Ceramic Balls do not contain any chemicals or toxic materials

  • Do not add any other ingredients into the bottle

  • Please make sure the NUKA Ceramic Balls are being contained inside the Water Bottle properly to prevent the balls from falling out