Nuka Laundry Ball

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NUKA Laundry Ball awaken water for its ability to purify itself. The Laundry Balls more strongly radiate far infrared ray by the collisions and friction among balls in the plastic case from whirling water and it results in the ionization of water producing electrolytic oxygen and hydroxide ions, so-called “ACTIVATION OF WATER”. In other word, NUKA Veggie Ball makes the water molecule cluster much smaller and restores the water to excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability, to perform a number a tasks: release of stains and odors, and effect of antibiosis and so on.



  1. To reduce detergent use to one third of regular amount

  2. To reduce water pollution

  3. To have effect of antibiosis

  4. To reduce detergent smell

  5. To have less skin irritation

  6. To stop static electricity


Directions of Use

  1. Just do your laundry as usual.

  2. But remember to put NUKA Laundry Balls into the washing machine with your laundry and use only 1/3 of your regular amount of detergents.

  3. Use two sets of NUKA Laundry Balls to enhance the washing effect when the laundry exceeds 8kg

  4. Dry the NUKA Laundry Balls for better performance and the longer life of the balls after the laundry if possible

  5. NUKA Laundry Balls has softening and bleaching effect itself. But you may use together with softening or bleaching materials, if needed.

  6. The effect of the NUKA Veggie Balls will last for three years after the first use.